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Show 33: What a great show! New York Mosque, Gay Marriage, automatic organ donation, a new interpretation of Islam for Pakistan, and then some other stuff. Also, make sure you vote for us in the atheist podcast awards: http://goo.gl/2bNqe. Enjoy.

Show 33 MP3.

Show 32: You took us to the top 5 of Atheist Podcasts in the Atheism/Agnosticism abount.com awards… now we kind of need you to vote again to take us higher than the bottom rung – http://tinyurl.com/4ze4v2f. Massive show, heaps of news, and Jake has a Catholic confession for your aural pleasure!

Show 32 MP3.

Show 31: Having defeated it’s enemy in a perilously long and drawn out battle upon the ledge of a clock tower, Show 31 is here. We talk to David Nicholls from the AFA about the 2011 Census, we get angry at disengenuous Obama, more Danny Nalliah, and then theres all that other stuff.

Show 31 MP3.

Show 30: What a show!! Seriously, a lot of time and effort and sacrificed children went into the making of this show… so many sacrificed children, in fact, that we had to renew our advert on Craig’s List for more children… sadly, the Vatican always get’s them first! Nonetheless, awesome episode, possibly the best thus far.

Show 30 MP3.

Show 29: In this show, The Miracles of Modern Day Jesus, News, favourite abhorrent bible quotes, and some extraneous etceteras!

Show 29 MP3.

Show 28: In this show we talk floods and arrogant opportunism with Danny Nalliah, the ass-face who blamed the floods on Ex-PM Rudd. We also look at the Infancy Gospel of Thomas and then some other crap.

Show 28 MP3.

Show 27: This is show 27, where Maury Povich performs a paternitity test on Jesus to find out once and for all, who the f*ck sired Jesus the Jew. We also piss on a leprechan and kick a unicorn in the nuts… then read some news!

Show27 MP3.

Interview with Tim Hawken (Bonus Show): Dear listening robots, it is with great pleasure I introduce you to Tim Hawken begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting and his new novel, Hellbound. MP3.

Show 26: Welcome to the 26th ImaginaryFriendsShow.com Podcast, the one True podcast, that spent this week debating (arguing) with friends (a-holes). Along with the news, here is what transpired!

Show 26 MP3.

Show 25: Best show ever! We’ve written and delivered to your ear canals a delightful Chrystmyth song! And then theres all that other stuff.

Show 25 MP3.

Show 24: Welcome back! After 4 weeks in the snow, I’m totally back in the saddle… what a shitty metaphor, I can’t even ride a horse! Nonetheless, plenty of news, a discussion on the Holocaust and an interview with Eugine Delgaudio, the republican lawmaker who thinks the new TSA measures were instigated to further the homosexual agenda by allowing the gays to fondle your junk and probe your anus. Nice guy. Enjoy.

Show 24 MP3.

Show 23: Those poor Jehovah’s Witnesses! One of the greatest pleasures in life for those of us at the IFSP HQ is to counter the polite interruptions made by committed JWs on a relaxing Saturday morning by soaking up THEIR time trying to explain to them why THEIR beliefs are so whacked out. However, in this unscripted conversation between Jake and Gregg, we will see that, sometimes, these encounters can often turn emotional as the JW representatives begin to open up about the pain of disfellowship and the control under which they are placed. No reading of “unapproved” materials, women are secondary, family members abandoned – all in the name of upholding a fairy tale.

Show 23 MP3.

Show 22: This week, an interview with Australian author and reilgious critic CJ Weleman. CJ Werleman is the engaging and entertaining voice of today’s new atheists. His meticulous examination of the world’s major religions has the faithful abandoning superstition for reason, and the non-believers chest thumping the facts to evangelical friends and family. And he never loses sight of funny.

Show 22 MP3.

Show 21: Welcome to the last ‘live’ show for several weeks. Yes, I’m on my way overseas in but a few scant hours, but have produced this gemerald for your aural pleasure. In this episode, plastic porkies; Christian Churches that look like Mosques; KKK Clown rallies and your favorite bible quotes.

Show 21 MP3.

Show 20: In this ImaginaryFriendsShow.com Podcast, we discuss how much better lesbians are at parenting over hetero women; how global warming is a hoax because some USA senator likes the story of Genesis; we recreate the big bang; and traverse the constellations for horoscopes with Psychic Vera. OOh, and some mail bag, baby! Probably some other stuff too!

Show 20 MP3.

Show 19: Welcome to the 19th ImaginaryFriendsShow.com Podcast, the one true podcast.

Show 19 Mp3.

Show 18: Welcome to the 18th ImaginaryFriendsShow.com Podcast. Lots of news, current affairs, and plenty of hilarity for your aural pleasure!

Show 18 MP3.

Show 17: Welcome to the 17th Imaginary Friends Show.com Podcast, the one true podcast. News with Tony Fyler from the UK, Mail bag, Martinis with Satan, and some other stuff.
Show 17 MP3.

Guy P Harrison Interview: In this bonus episode of the Imaginary Friends Show.com Podcast, we bring you an interview and discussion with Guy P. Harrison, author of ’50 reasons people give for believing in God’ and ‘Race and Reality’. It was too long for a normal episode and too awesome to cut down, so here it is, for your aural pleasure. Enjoy.
Guy P Harrison Interview MP3.

Show 16: In this weeks episode… a surprise of EPIC PROPORTIONS! And then some other stuff.
Show 16 MP3.

Show 15: Literally welcome to the 15th www.ImaginaryFriendsShow.com Podcast; literally the one true podcast. I’m literally on holidays, literally right now… literally. As such, this literally pre-recorded show will literally melt your hearts and minds with literally sheer awesomenessity-atude! Literally! We literally have interviews and discussions aplenty. And, literally because I literally received a literal email from a literal subscriber asking me to literally put Pray The Gay Away on, literally, I’ve done so. Literally awesome. Literally me. Literally Aqua du Gio.
Show 15 MP3.

Show 14: Dear Solar Neutrinos, We interviewed Odin Zeus McGaffer, author of ‘Does God Get Diarreah’, and there is a couple of coppies up for grabs (gets my endorsement, really great book). We have super news, a new song (please name it for me) and some other awesome schtuff. Enjoy!
Show 14 MP3.

Show 13: Welcome to the 13th ImaginaryFriendsShow.com Podcast, the One True Podcast. Listen as we smote that ass-face Deepak Chopra, then go to town on the news from Australia and all those other non-Australian countries. Also, a new song for you, “If you’re rapture-ready, say Amen!” Enjoy!
Show 13 MP3.

Show 12: After having defeated our arch nemesis on top of some arbitrary clock tower, we deliver to you, the 12th Imaginary Friends Show.com Podcast. The one true podcast. This episode is almost completely featured in binary, so get your ones and zeros ready and enjoy!
Show 12 MP3.

Show 11: Question; if evolution is true, then why are there still Glenn Becks? Also, have you accepted Glenn Beck as your personal lord and saviour… and vet. This week we talk about so much freaking stuff; from murderous Atheist medicos, to an Australian priest who has blamed the 12 year old girl he molested/raped “because it was what she wanted”… but plenty of other stuff too. Enjoy.
Show 11 MP3.

Interview with David G McAfee – [Bonus Show]: Prolific atheist Jake Farr-Wharton, interviews prolofic atheist author of Disproving Christianity:Refuting The World’s Most Followed Religion, David G. McAfee. Enjoy.
Interview with David G McAfee – [Bonus Show] MP3.

Episode 10: Dear Anthropomorphised Robots, We have for you, this week, a decadent melange of news, music, interviews and sexy Korean pizza dances. If you don?t love it, you may have broken your funny bone… or you?re a Muslim. Speaking of which, here?s a picture I drew of Mohamma… wait, who are you, what are you doing here, put down that kni…. ahahh. Enjoy.
Episode 10 MP3.

Episode 9: Imaginary Friends Show Episode 9: So much freaking news and current affairs; plus, Prop 8 was repealed, so I wrote a song for the religious – “Pray the gay away”; we discussed what non-religious reasons exist that should prohibit same-sex marriage; God goes through the 12 step program and Gina destroys another cult (religion).
Episode 9 MP3.

Episode 8: The complete antithesis to anything on WikiLeaks, Episode 8 is now legally available! And, exactly unlike WikiLeaks, it will no doubt cause little to no controversy! What can we offer? How about commentary on the latest religious news from Australia and around the globe (why not just say, ‘around the globe’? I hear you ask…), Gina enlightens us on the Mormons, Keith enlightens us on the most ridiculous of all that is religious, Jesus enlightens YOU with his hard-hitting advice, and Psychic Robert manages to de-enlighten you with his completely unimpressive psychic abilities. Sounds better than a vuvuzela! Surely? Enjoy the show!
Episode 8 MP3.

Episode 7: Deus ex machina! This episode features all the latest in religious news and reviews from here and around the globe! Gina tackles the Mormons, Keith tackles a sword carrying American lost in Pakistan and Jake and Gregg tackle each other! Psychic Bob and God are on holidays so it’s over to Psychic Robert and we opt for sitting on the couch, sipping martinis with Jesus! Not to mention the top 5 movies spoiled by bringing God into the equation… Enjoy!
Episode 7 MP3.

Episode 6: This week we examine the ridiculousness of sharia law in Saudia Arabia, Keith goes searching in Pakistan for this week’s winner of the Imaginary Friends Imaginary Award for Imaginary Intelligence, Gina narrowly avoids death after calling scientology a “cult”, Allah drops by for a chat on the lounge, Psychic Bob predicts the unpredictable, we avoid washing our hands to save our modesty after predicting the coming of Christ and our Michael Jackson tribute takes a religious twist! All this in just over 50 minutes? It must be a miracle…
Episode 6 Mp3.

Episode 6 [BONUS SHOW]: A pseudo-intellectual discussion on the pseudo-coup which recently put the first pseudo-redhead into the highest pseudo-level of office in Australia’s pseudo-political system and what it means for the secular and pseudo-secular minorities of this nation… sue dough?
Episode 6 [BONUS SHOW] MP3.

[Lost Episode]: This is a ‘Lost Episode’ which, for reasons God only knows, wasn’t able to be uploaded on time. So, in all our amateur glory, here it is for your belated pleasure! New episode is being record as we speak so don’t get your knickers in a knot… Yet.
[Lost Episode] MP3.

Episode 4: Supermegaubertremendamagnifafabuloawesome! It’s episode 4! Plenty of news and reviews to throw at you, covering the Vatican’s plan to invite atheists to debate with theologians about the existence of God (unless you’ve sold more than 10 copies of your book…) and the recent decision to go against the religiously -based wishes of some parents in S.A and save their son in the here-and-now. We have some new candidates for the Imaginary Friends Show Imaginary Award for Imaginary Intelligence… so many to choose from but there can only be one winner! And all your favourites – God, Psychic Bob, etc… Enjoy the show!
Episode 4 MP3.

Episode 4 [BONUS SHOW]: A humorous look (is there any other way to look at it?) inside this month’s “Creation Magazine”. Wanna know which fossils were planted by the devil and which ones are not a trick? Then this is your magazine!
Episode 4 [BONUS SHOW] MP3.

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