Got any general comments or questions for the show blog or the podcast? Put them here and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

  • http://YOURURL Peter – Melbourne

    Hi, I just started listening to the show. Thanks. I’m enjoying it. Just some feedback. Maybe it’s because I have so many podcasts to get through during the week, but I have to listen to yours in 2x speed. The dialogue just seems a little on the protracted side at times. ANyway, thanks again.

    • jakefw

      Hi Peter, many thanks for the feedback. I’m always aiming to make the show better, more enjoyable and entertaining, and above all, as offensive as possible!

      Many thanks for the feedback, and please feel obliged to drop back and let us know whether we’re improving or not.

    • http://YOURURL Peter – Melbourne

      Hi Jake, actually I think it has got better (re: speed). Good one. On another matter, I listen to other atheist podcasts, but yours is the only one without a human co-host (ie. not including your frequent guests ‘Satan’ and ‘God’). Nothing inherently ‘wrong’ with that. I just feel that, at times, it could do with a second voice. Have you thought about a co-host, even if for only one segment of the show (eg ‘Supernews’). ie have a co-host gather and read the news and have you respond/discuss…and see where it goes. Could be a good evolution of the show. Let me know if you want to discuss further. Peter. You’re in Brisbane right? I’ll be there next week if you want to chat.

  • Sarah Trachtenberg

    Hi Jake,
    Just saying hi. You should be flattered that I listen to IF since I’m not subscribed to other podcasts. I just picked yours and stuck with it.

    • jakefw

      I am flattered… massively!

    • http://YOURURL Henk

      Sarah is just…Yummy..

      What else can a 52 year old say witout sounding…..odd..

  • http://YOURURL Fleereolf

    Nice site ….)

  • http://YOURURL Mud (Nihls) Hengist Henk

    Jake does make the effort to improve his presentations in every sphere he blogs pods etc.

    He is pretty good with criticism as well. He doesn’t understand what tanked means.. I can fix that up should he ever stay in Sydney.

    Lambrusco, lovely wine.. but sheesh, Radar O’Reilly drank an emphatic Shirley Temple in comparison..

  • The Bastard

    You podcast is like crack to me. My addiction to the show exceeds my craving for Russian amputee porn and drowning the neighbor’s cats.

    May I have some more, please?

    Your humble servant,

    Oliver Twisted

  • http://YOURURL Ashley

    Hi Jake!
    I’m a newcomer to the show and after one listen, I’m hooked. I’m still working my way through the back episodes and each and every show is just so very funny and informative. Thank you for spending your time and effort to bring us such a funny (and due to the news segments, infuriating) show. I live in small town America, right in the middle of the bible belt so oftentimes I feel surrounded by lunacy. It’s nice to be able to turn to your show for a good laugh and a large dose of reason. It’s a breath of fresh air.
    Thanks again,

    • jakefw

      Hey Ashley, sorry for taking too long to reply… WELCOME!!

      Please feel welcome to drop back any time. Also, if you’d like to become involved in the show and content, shoot me an email (jakefw “at”

      Warm regards,


  • http://YOURURL B. J. Price

    the latest research from university of California on celiac disease. Good lecture.
    Well worth watching.
    From a sister victim of our genes.

    • jakefw

      Hey, thanks B.J. we’re doing quite a bit of research on celiac’s disease here in Australia.

  • http://YOURURL Michael

    Hello. I just became aware of this podcast and I love it. Satan comes out to play was great. Thanks.

    • jakefw

      Thanks Michael, glad you enjoyed it. Make sure you let us know if there’s anything we should be doing or could do better!

      It’s the People’s show!

  • http://YOURURL Judith Hunt

    I listened to part of your show last week; now for next week and remaining weeks, I will listen in, also.

    • jakefw

      Great to hear mate.

  • http://YOURURL mike montague

    just found your podcast because you were a guest on another atheist podcast. very #@*%ing funny.
    here’s a skit idea for ya. i always want to see a parody of soilent green with the eucharist, picture chuck heston laying on a stretcher w/ a bloody hand raised in the air saying “you’ve got to tell them, it’s god, we’re eating god”
    and “soon they’ll be breeding him like sacred cattle”

    • jakefw

      Hi Mike,

      I’ve done it for episode 28! Let me know if you like it.


  • http://YOURURL mike montague

    i down loaded 28 but it wasnt on it, i have been going thru your entire back catalog so i will find it eventually. just down load 3 of your songs off amazon. very nice.

  • http://YOURURL hugovg

    Great show Jake, highly entertaining, sharp as a knife!

    Can you though please spend a little technical time getting the sound levels more even across the whole show? I normally listen to the show on an iPhone in the car & I have to adjust the volume up & down throughout the show (eg. some music is too loud some speaking parts too quiet). Otherwise all good!

    Lastly, re Terry Jones & his antics. Putting aside the fact that he is a knob, at what point do you stop defending his “right to free speach” – when someone is annoyed/offended/injured/killed? Thanks.

  • jakefw

    G’day Hugovg,

    Re levels, my fault, I’m trying a new program for levelling and it’s been an exercise in futility! I’ll go back to manual editing for next week – more work, but end product is far better.

    I really like your question, about Terry Jones, we’ve asked that question about the God Hates Fags, Westboro Baptist Church assholes. In their case, however, no one has died as a consequence of their brand of moral repugnancy, something which obviously can not be said for Terry Jones.

    On the face of it, I don’t disagree with what Jones did, it’s just a book and it’s the Muzzies who committed the atrocities. But as I said in the podcast, Jones knew what he was doing, he knew what the reaction would be, and he now has all the justification he needs to do what he did.

    He is not a criminal, but he is an accomplice, he is an instigator. It is the hypersensitive, precious extremist morons who killed innocent people for no real reason.

    Great question, I’ll pose it on next week’s show! Thanks for listening, Hugovg.

  • http://YOURURL JustinS

    I really enjoy the show. It’s very entertaining, informative, and never boring like I found a lot of other podcasts. Keep up the good work.

    Virginia, USA

    • jakefw

      Thanks Justin S,

      Make sure you spread the mother flipping word!



  • http://YOURURL BatP

    Fabulous show! Certainly the most entertaining of the many I listen to. Of course, I listen to SGU, Reasonable Doubts, The Non-Prophets, Skeptoid and others. I love ’em all, but yours makes me laugh out loud! It seems to me that an effort to improve it might only make it more similar to the others which I might not count as a good thing. I’m so glad I heard your interview!

    • jakefw

      Thanks Bat P,

      Greatly appreciate it! The show is yours, it is the people’s show, so please spread the word to the rest of the people on Dog’s brown earth!



  • Brigette Corella

    I just read through the full post of yours and it was quite good. This is a great comment thanks for sharing this useful info.

  • http://YOURURL John Yockachonis

    My way to say “Goodday” to you, is “Goodday”. (Does it have two Ds?)
    Great podcast, one of my favorites.
    I bought your book (kindle version, sorry), and your song “Pray the gay away”.
    I support you financially and, well, that other way that’s not like, spiritual.
    So, I expect an email inviting me to be a guest on your show any day now.

    • jakefw

      Hey John, you’re more than welcome to come on the show and chat.

  • # Jaquelyn Provitt

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  • http://YOURURL Michael Wear

    Hello Jake: I wrote a while back about how the podcast is showing up in two windows (it still is) in iTunes and now episodes 9 to 29 are not showing. I am trying to catch up on old episodes. Loving the show and love to hear a foreign perspective on screwball US politics and religion. I do live in the US.

    • jakefw

      Hey Michael. Weve finally completed the switchover to the Libsyn feed, which should mean that from this next week, the picture issue should be resolved. With the older episodes, I’m uploading the back catalogue as quickly as the upload limit at Libsyn will allow, but if you can’t wait, and I totally understand, you can find all back issues at, just search for the name of e show.

      Otherwise, the remaining shows will be up there as soon as possible.

      Thanks again for listening!!


      • http://YOURURL Michael Wear

        Thanks. Are your skits available anywhere. I enjoy them and would love to post them somehow. I like the demon in the classroom skit was funny.

  • http://YOURURL Michel Campbell

    Great dialog this last episode. Love the banter more than the mono-log. While listening to your show I do graphic design work and study theology. Keep up the good work.

  • http://YOURURL Michael Wear

    Hi Jake: The Phelps interview was interesting to say the least. Logic or reason does not go far with them. Are you aware of another Phelps son, Nate Phelps. He turned atheist and speaks out about the family. He has been interviewed on several atheist podcasts. He might be a good follow up interview. Thanks for the show.

  • sysyphus.jones

    your RSS feed hasn’t being updated since #48:

    I thought you guys had gone off the grid. ʘ‿ʘ

    Hope you fix it soon .

    • jakefw

      Hey Sys,

      The new RSS is:

      We killed the blip feed because of the insanely slow download and the poor stat tracking.

      Shoot me an email if you ever have any issues, or

      Warm regards,


      • sysyphus.jones

        Hey Jake

        Thank you for the quick response.

        No doubt that URL works great with itunes but doesn’t work with my podcatcher and doesn’t appear to be a valid RSS feed.

        If you can’t any longer supply an RSS I’d suggest you update the button at the top of the page to reflect this.

        Anyway I’ll download manually for now.

        And thanks for an entertaining show BTW

  • jakefw

    Hi Sys.

    Sorry, I misunderstood, I saw “iTunes” on the end of the blip URL and jumped to a conclusion. The new RSS is as follows

    I’ll update it on the page today… I thought I’d already done so! Naughty me!


    • sysyphus.jones

      thanks mate … downloading now :)

  • Stephan Broschinsky

    A lot of of what you articulate is supprisingly appropriate and it makes me wonder the reason why I hadn’t looked at this with this light previously. This piece truly did switch the light on for me as far as this particular topic goes. Nevertheless there is actually just one issue I am not necessarily too comfortable with and while I attempt to reconcile that with the main theme of your position, permit me see what all the rest of the subscribers have to point out.Very well done.

  • Dan Lewis

    Jake, you’re great. So is ‘The Imaginary Friends Show’.
    Keep up the good…work? You’re the coolest!

    • jakefw

      Thanks Dan, Keep telling the world about us and we’ll keep it up.

      Feel welcome to leave us a review on iTunes also.

  • Chris Cook

    I just discovered this site through OZ McGaffer, and just wanted to drop a quick note on how great I think it is that this site exists. Thank you for all the Logic, and Reason. Truly making the world a brighter place! Thank you!

    • jakefw

      Hey, Chris. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy the show!

  • http://YOURURL Michael

    Greetings everyone, and Thank you Jake, found your podcast only a few weeks ago and am now all the way up to episode 58. I was thinking about your comment in ep57 about the Burka and it’s wrong for countries to legislate what people wear. My friend is a nudist, and she would love to be able to go to work naked, but the country says she can’t and she sticks to these laws, even if they go against her only belief.
    Something to think about, if the Druids (now an official religion in the UK) said that they needed to be naked with nature every Wednesday after the full moon, they would be arrested no matter what their religious views were.

    • jakefw

      Hey Michael,

      Firstly, thanks for listening to the show!

      Secondly, you’re completely right. My comments are more, “the government should not change the laws concerning clothing”, rather than having no laws at all.

      Great food for thought though, Michael, really appreciate the feedback!!



  • Thehappycook

    I’m a fan of the show and love the informed discussion and banter. Jake my only criticism is this guest book is so overrun with spam that it looks very unloved.

  • Imogen

    Superb show.
    Love the music, can you tell me what it is?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Joe Muon


    A big fan of your show (in the US). I listen to over 10 Atheist podcasts. I have to say yours is at my top 2 and definitely the only one that makes me smile constantly which is something we lack in the atheist community in my opinion. We seem to be always taking things too seriously and that’s OK but you guys manage to do it and still give it a funny note.

    Thank you for taking your time and putting your talents to work so that we can enjoy of the show. Thanks to your families and friends as well for supporting you on this.

    Joe Muon

  • Dewey

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  • David Harris

    Fucking fuck fuck, Jake; Your pode case is awesome and you are hot. When your throbbing voice enters my unusually tight ear canal, my brain finds another reason to be awake. Thank you!nn1

  • Guest

    Karen, my guess is that skeptics are prone to the same bigotries,misogyny & sexism that plague all aspects of society.I know- it sounds counter-intuitive,doesn’t it? You would think folks who pride themselves on basing their decisions on science & hard data would be less inclined to have traditional biases & bigotries,but even supposedly ‘rational’ community have their fair share of a-holes.Skeptics are humans,& unfortunately some humans can be dicks.

    I was shocked to see on Youtube,people like The Amazing Atheist,or Mr Repzion & many other non-religious folk making anti-feminist videos.It baffles me. These people see themselves as rationalists yet fail to see the need still exists to fight gender inequality.Their videos are the typical strawman rants where feminists are painted as men-hating self-victimizing lesbian harpies who should just shut up & get that we’re all totes equal now..(By contrast,I have some male friends who are both devoutly religious & adamant unapologetic feminists. Shows you really can’t reduce people to stereotypes.) You only have to see the rape threats & disgusting comments Rebecca Watson still receives several years after her blog about an awkward pass made at her at a skeptic-con to see sexism is alive & well ,even in the scientific community.Richard Dawkins inflamed the situation by trivializing her experience,& at times his views on the concept of biological determinism seems to have a strong element of gender bias to it.
    Add the fact that until very recently,the sciences were a male-dominated field & you have a recipe for a place where outmoded gender ideas can still exist. Like the multi-player FPS gaming community perhaps it is still is one of the last ‘boys’ clubs’ left in Western society.It’s always interesting to me that the Feminist era came AFTER the Age of Enlightenment. We figured out that direct observation of nature trumps church teachings on the natural world, that slavery is wrong BEFORE we figured out that treating half the population as less than human is a crappy thing to do.
    Am I saying skeptics are inherently sexist? Absolutely not. Thankfully many,if not most reject the outdated gender roles encouraged & insisted upon by many religions & truly take the rational route of rejecting sexism as an the irrational relic it is.Alas,there has been a tremendous backlash against feminism in the last decade,& religious affiliation or lack thereof is no guarantee of a lack of bigotry.In short, there are sexist dicks out there no matter if they worship Allah,Gabe Newell or Dawkins.Thankfully.there are good guys in all walks of life fighting the good fight as well.

  • Isaac Morgan

    The “that’s what she said” segment crushed it..schnuckers

  • Citpeks42

    Hey there!

    I just came to you through Cognitive Dissonance. I am always interested in the back catalogs of new shows (well, new for me, anyway), and was wondering why there are so many missing episodes from early on. Can you shed some light on this topic?