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  • http://YOURURL Sam Lebosch

    Totally don’t agree with the gay hater from Westboro, but he really cleaned your clock in that interview.

  • jakefw

    That was absolutely the goal, Sam. Let him talk.

  • http://YOURURL Michel Campbell

    Can God make a logical contradiction without violating the laws of logic and the dimensions of space and time? If not he is not omnipotent. Don’t let theists set wiggle out of a fallacious argument. The claim of omnipotence should not be limited by anything.

  • http://YOURURL GeoffW

    So Jake, for those of us who have difficulty reading books – when are you going to get an audiobook version of your ‘Letters to Xtian Leaders’ thing available on I mean, don’t feel obliged to record it in your own voice or anything – you could or should encourage a Xtian friend to narrate it for example, perhaps a dedicated self-flagelator type – anyhow if you do this or something equally worthwhile (so I get to hear your book) I will contribute $50 to your airfare, buy your audiobook, and see you in Melb.

    • http://YOURURL GeoffW

      OK, now I’ve heard on your latest podcast that you’re definitely going to Melbourne Jake, you won’t need my $50. I therefore withdraw that offer and in its place I would like to offer you a very good cup of coffee indeed when you’re in Melbourne and I will still buy your book if you record it as an audiobook. Not great but not bad. Please when you record that audiobook, just don’t do that Judith Lucy thing where you say:
      “well…it’s…super….and….it’s….the news…” – this is the kind of joke that works barely once on a small percentage of listeners the first time they hear it and thereafter it works not at all on all of the people all of the time. Sorry about the honesty. Anyhow, onwards and upwards to Melb.

      • http://YOURURL ullrich fischer

        Hey, lighten up, GeoffW. He SAYS it’s lame. Some jokes are timeless. This isn’t one of them, but close. :)

  • http://YOURURL Donna d

    I’m an Atheist, I hear what you say and agree. Yet I find your bad language quite off putting, Seriously, does “fuck” need to be part of every sentence? Contact the shit out of us?? I’m sure you would appeal to a wider audience of atheists and get your point across more effectively by using a broader vocabulary.

  • http://YOURURL ullrich fischer

    Re Swearing: I find it hilarious. The combination of deep, well thought out philosophical discussion interspersed with the odd f-word makes for a very entertaining and compelling listening experience. Someone (maybe St. Peter?) should do a scientific study on the most effective % of swear words in terms of entertainment value and ability to compel attention in various kinds of texts, but for me, the current fraction in your podcast works well. I think the % could go up a bit without ill effects. I always find the word “motherflipping” hilarious in the contexts in which it appears, but maybe that’s just me. I completely agree with and applaud Jake’s refusal to use the c-word or racist slang terms.

  • http://YOURURL Travis L

    Jake goes off a little bit using the strong, to some offensive, language hilariously and then St. Peter so elegantly brings him back to a moderate, usually apologetic, rhetoric.

    It’s a tidal show and I want to ride every wave of logic!

    They have yet to send me clam diving.

  • ullrich fischer

    Just listening to your episode 37 of the IFS. Great skit on the immaculate conception. Makes sense that all the biblical characters spoke with a southern US ‘cracker’ accent. :) Also loved your Baaaaahd Theology argument with Dobson’s critique of Lady Gaga’s great song. … There’s Bad Theology, and Baaaahhhd (ie sheepish) theology. I’ve not run into any good theology. :)

  • Michael Hales

    Would pull you up on one point – the reason smokers have to take 10 minute breaks is because we have to walk so f@#king far to get to the smoke area!! My company has decided to make the smoke area as far away from the warehouse as humanly possible. Can I smoke in the Car Park where nobody is? No!!! Can I smoke in my car? No!! Can’t I just walk off-site ‘cos it’s closer? Hell No!!
    Likewise did it not occur to anyone that if you just kick smokers outside without any shelter they’re gonna huddle in doorways? Why not do what they do in Ireland and have a nice smoke area outside round back?
    If you’re so concerned about the costs why not use the tax from Smokers ( in the UK from a £5.30 packet £5.00 is tax ) and use it to just to treat smokers health problems?
    If I was a smoking boss and decided I would only hire smokers ‘cos I’m sick of non-smokers whingeing about the smell all I would hear are screams of discrimination!
    I’m not claiming that smoking is a good habit or that they are full of vitamin C, but when you get to a point where Dutch “Coffee” houses will only allow you smoke joints because cigarrette smoke is bad for you, you’ve gotta ask WTF!

    • http://YOURURL mUd

      The social cost of smoking far outweighs the cost to the sucker who practices this habit thinking he is paying tax for just his certain protracted (likely decadal) medical bills in future.

      If you are single and plan to smoke and not inconvenience specialists of all stripes, local facilities and…your surrounding family in lost work days… sure go ahead, just fill out an insurance policy to cover the costs you havent thought of.

      If you have actually partnered and reproduced and consider that your growing list of illnesses, diseases, incapabilities (including bonking) can be shared with your family, specialists of all stripes, local facilities and your kids;

      Fucking forget it..

      On average you start to dissociate at 40 and the rest of the world (on average) has to fucken listen to the whining for the next 20 or so years. 40 is just around the corner from 20..

      The worst part… the whining, inability to participate and the endless being ferried around. Whine about not being able to smoke, whine about the tax, whine about cold extremities and limbs, whine about constant chest pain, strokes and of course the easiest; sudden fatal vascular disease..

      The tax loss on smoking is about 1:1.5 in this country.

      Mind you, smokers get us bigger vascular diseases clinics/hospitals and more cardiac specialists.

      It will be a pity to see them wind right back when the last butt floats out to Bondi.

      I have a lot of sympathy for smokers but the tax whinge does not make sense. Its about as robust as the anti vax arguments. Smokes have a hell of a lot to whinge about. See above.

      All I need to meet now is a smoking antivaxxer who bleats about “Big Pharma” at a fundamentalist rally.

      You know the world hasn’t been the same since Marby Red dropped from 20mg…

      PS…Make a friend with a dentist..

  • mike montague

    RE: the intravaginal anti rape device for woman. QUESTION: what do they have for young catholic boys?

  • ullrich fischer

    Your latest issue was fabulous as usual. Thanks, keep up the great work and yes, more swearing would only be an enhancement, although the elephant screaming is kinda entertaining in its own right.

    One small quibble, though. You wrongly asserted that the weight of bacteria in the human body exceeds the weight of human cells contained therein. Here is a link to an article which corrects you on this and points out that it is the number of bacteria cells which exceeds the number of human cells in your body. Still kinda creepy, but maybe a bit less so. Fortunately, bacteria cells are typically smaller and lighter than human cells, or we would all look even more blimp-like than most of us (obviously with the exception of the inestimable Jake) already do.

    • http://YOURURL mUd

      I actually thought Jake had snagged a science bod!

  • ullrich fischer

    Just finished listening to episode #174. Another great episode. Gay is the new black. Racism and anti-gay sentiments are two of the many abominations perpetrated and perpetuated by religion. It is so refreshing to hear someone else say things like “God is an asshole” in the matter of fact way that your guests had of stating what to us is obvious without getting a lot of gasps of horror. Until the last couple of years, when the antics of the American Taliban finally prompted me to google for any evidence of opposition to those assholes, I didn’t pay much attention to others’ beliefs in absurd things. Whenever I did express what I thought about God, the Universe, and everything, it almost always evoked a shrinking away and a worried looking around for thunderbolts. It is very heartening to find that there are at least a few thousand people in the world who are actively pushing back against the forces of a new dark age.

    • http://YOURURL mUd

      Try talking to the anti vax and alty procedures mob…

  • ullrich fischer

    Jake… I was listening to the “Writers and Company” CBC podcast where Eleanor Wachtel was interviewing Peter Carey about his book “The True History of the Kelly Gang”. The book has made it to my Amazon wish list.

    It reminded me of how disappointed I was when the Australian National Anthem was changed from what was at the time hands down the coolest National Anthem on earth (“Waltzing Matilda”) to some boring piece of crap whose name I and probably everyone else on the planet has long since forgotten — evidently in order to bring Australia more in line with the tradition of other countries’ National Anthems being the most bland, boring, pseudo-patriotic piece of shit possible while eschewing the concept of having any real connection to the history and culture of the country involved — with the exception of France whose anthem harkens back to the enlightenment sentiments which underpinned both the French and American revolutions. What do you think about this? Do you stand up and sing the new anthem?… or do you try to drown it out with the infinitely better anthem which preceded it?

    • http://YOURURL mUd

      It always comes from someone who hasn’t been subjected to the Kiwi national anthem.

      Mind you, Advance Australia fair with Sri Lankan and Pashtun refrains may actually have an appeal at the soccer!

  • Blind are you

    Had some religious-tards come and knock on my door and invite me to church. I told them to stop lying. I then told them I would give them both one chance each to prove that god exist. Then as they were leaving, both were talking to themselves and not to each other.

  • Garth

    It’s Tycho [Brahe], not Tico.

    Love your work!

  • David Harris

    Fucking fuck fuck, Jake; Your pode case is awesome and you are hot. When your throbbing voice enters my unusually tight ear canal, my brain finds another reason to be awake. Thank you!

  • Ullrich Fischer

    I’m listening to your interview with Jerry DeWitt. As a confirmed atheist since about age 10, I find Jerry’s “Preacher persona” actually delightful. His performance at last year’s FFRF convention moved me to tears. It is so encouraging to see so many former Christian preachers using their incredible (not God given, but highly evolved :) ) talents for Good instead of Evil. The advent of “Atheist Churches”, IMHO, the most positive oxymoron ever, holds out the promise of peeling all the crypto-atheist (copyright Dan Dennett) folk — who currently swell the coffers of the most vicious, anti-human religious cults because they can’t imagine life without the sense of community and the social life provided by their cult — away from their “home” churches to a socially progressive “Atheist Church”. The attraction of (paraphrasing Dan Barker’s mother) “not having to hate anymore” must be overwhelming for these people.

  • Gary Anderson

    Wednesday 22nd july 2015 and the episode 271 doesn’t seem to have a download link or a play link. That’s the welsh communication episode.

    • jakefw

      Hi Gary – apologies… Meant to fix it last night, but my stupid wife had to go and get graduated and we had to have a party to sumptuous celebrate! Nonetheless, until it is fixed, here is the link:
      Jake Farr-Wharton is the Author of ‘Letters to Christian Leaders – Hollow Be Thy Claims’ (available at and is host of the award winning Podcast.

      • Gary Anderson


        They have no sense of timing.

        Anyway thanks for the link and pass on my congratulations to your wife (But hide the plans for the rocket ship)

        • jakefw

          Done, and done.