We are the Imaginary Friends Show (Podcast). The demolisher’s of irrational, illogical and dangerous posed beliefs, faiths and religion.

Loud and proud atheists, paying religion a ‘little visit’ so it ‘won’t bother us (humanity) no more’!

The Imaginary Friends Show – Podcast

With hosts Jake Farr-Wharton (super-atheist) and Gregg Savage (slightly-above-normal-atheist) and a whole bunch of other imaginary friends… who may or may not be real… but probably are.

A podcast by atheists for everyone. A social commentary on social commentary. News, reviews, special guests, normal guests, boring guests, Psychic Bob, and Conversations With God.

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  • http://YOURURL Craig Fine

    Nice logo boys…:-)

  • http://YOURURL minus

    I see the word podcast on the page but I don’t see the word mp3 anywhere. How can you have a podcast with no download?
    Don’t tell me about fucking itunes. I wouldn’t let that shit on my computer for jesus christ herself.

    • http://imaginaryfriendsshow.com jakefw

      Hi Minus,

      With the exception of the very first episode (don’t worry, it was crap) they’re all MP3s. I’ll setup a page for them today, thanks for the idea.

      FYI though, if you open any of the Podcast posts, they have the Blip.tv links with the MP3s.

    • http://imaginaryfriendsshow.com jakefw
  • http://YOURURL Michael

    Hi Guys: Love the show. On iTunes I suddenly have two different I.F. podcasts..one with the logo and past episodes and one with no artwork (logo) and only three newest episodes. What happened?

    • admin

      Hi Michael,

      I’m updating the the show with a new RSS, should be back to normal next week, but please feel obliged to let me know if it isn’t resolved.



  • http://YOURURL Andros

    Hi Jake!

    Love your show!
    Thought you should know, Blip (where your RSS feed takes us) and channels.com are no longer playing your show in their on-line media players.
    We just get a message that the program is audio only and we should download it from i-tunes.
    Can you please make your RSS a direct download or have it take us to a place with a download link or a working player.