Jelly Bean Drive – Help Purchase a Wheelchair for Talia!


Why the Jelly Bean Drive?

Several weeks ago, Gregg Savage from the Imaginary Friends Show won a ‘Guess the Number of Jelly Beans in the Jar’ competition. Why would you purchase a guess in such an impossible to win competition? I hear you ask. The lady selling the guesses had a sign displayed at the front of her stall (I say stall… folding table with other knick-knacks spread out) which read: RAISING MONEY FOR MY DAUGHTER TO GET A WHEELCHAIR. How could he say no to a $2 guess?

Having won the jelly beans, Gregg drove around to the family’s house to pick up the immense colour-filled jar, and had the pleasure of re-meeting the mother and was introduced to a four-year-old girl named Talia. Talia was wearing a sort of giant boot to hide what was obviously a very painful condition. The mother, clearly wanting to show Gregg where his $4 went, showed him what was under the boot which has left a sight forever engrained in Gregg’s head. The condition, Congenital Pseudarthrosis of the Tibia, has left Talia unable to walk more than a few metres without wincing in pain and, further, with 3 failed surgeries already, should a fourth surgery attempt fail, Talia’s family may be left with the impossible decision to amputate the young girl’s leg from the knee down.

More than slightly aware that he cannot present the same image to you, yet unable to dismiss the urge to do something… (anything) to further assist this family, Gregg has enlisted the help of Jake Farr-Wharton and the listeners of The Imaginary Friends Show to assist this lovely girl and her very loving family in purchasing a wheelchair. This will ease the pressure on Talia’s legs and provide as yet unavailable mobility to herself and the family. Through a joint consultation between Talia’s family, Gregg, and Jake, The Imaginary Friend’s show has settled on a figure of $3,500 to raise over the next 30 days – with the Jelly Bean Drive ending on May 20, 2012. This amount is only achievable with your help. We are encouraging all individuals to donate what they can. Every dollar counts. And by every dollar, we mean EVERY SINGLE dollar. This is a chance for non-believers to band together and do something great for a complete stranger. We’re not asking you to dig into your life savings, but we are asking you to dig just a little to do something life-changing. Head to to donate anything you can spare and we will keep you all very well updated with our progress both before and after The Jelly Bean Drive.

Thanks for listening and thanks for donating!

  • MarkNS

    I tried to donate but was unable to log into paypal via your site. I logged in fine at the site. What up wit dat? Is Chip In working properly?

    • MarkNS

      Nevermind…got it working…

      • Gregg Savage

        I am very happy to hear that you got it working. Thank you so much for donating!

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  • Cath of Canberra

    Amputating is not such a horrible choice; great things can be done with artificial limbs these days. Yes, obviously it depends on the specific person and their medical condition, but you did write the “impossible decision” as if it were some terribly dire fate.

    • Gregg Savage

      Hello Cath,

      Yes. There are worse fates than amputation and I know that doctors or families don’t make those types of decisions lightly. When I wrote ‘impossible decision’ it was written after speaking with the family on several occasions about the options they face should future surgeries fail. Not having children of my own, I do not know what it would be like to make the call to amputate my daughter’s leg. However, I did not consider labeling it anything else after hearing the stories from the parents who will be the ones to ultimately make the decision. Hope that clears up my choice of words.

      • Cath of Canberra

        Thanks. BTW, I couldn’t donate from work, the link was trapped in some sort of filter (paypal is usually OK there.) Chipped in a few bucks just now from home.nn1

  • Deanna Joy Lyons

    I tossed a bit in the pot. I spent some time temporarily in a wheelchair last year and it was rough. I hope this will buy her a really nice chair. Good luck, Talia!

    • Gregg Savage

      Thank you, Deanna. The response has been overwhelming and we appreciate your donation!

  • Leslie

    I’m in too. As a socialist-Canadian-type I think everyone who needs a wheelchair should be able to get one but that is not an option in many places, including the richest country in the world apparently.

    • MarkNS

      As a Canadian with a daughter who uses a wheelchair, I can tell you that our vaunted “free” medical care doesn’t provide them either.

      • Leslie

        And it should, I think.

  • Paul S

    I am happy to donate and I hope you hit your mark. I would also like to take a moment to ask those of you who know people with physical disabilities to support them in sports. There are more adaptive sports than I can name including golf, wheelchair basketball, archery, skiing and my personal favorite after seeing my niece play, has to be sledge hockey. If there isn’t an adaptive sports association near you, I encourage you to start one.

    • admin

      Thank you for your suggestion, Paul. I am not aware of any adaptive sports in my area but I will pass this message on to the family. We hit our mark early this morning after only 36 hours of campaigning. We are lost for words and greatly appreciate your contribution. Thank you for stopping by!

  • Patrick

    How long does it take to update? I only gave six dollars but I gave the LAST six dollars. I wanna see it hit 100%. So, I guess I’m just gonna sit here hitting refresh over and over again.

    • admin

      Hi, Patrick. The Chipin widget seems to only reload when you delete your cookies and cache from your history. I had this trouble to start with and it took a little bit of guessing and checking before figuring it out. Hope this helps and I’m sorry it doesn’t refresh without a bit of a push! Thank you for getting us over the edge! Everyone here has woken up with a great feeling of excitement this morning!

  • blackcat96

    I’m glad to see that the goal was reached so quickly. I’m also glad to say that I was able to at least be a small part of that. Hopefully, your daughter will be able to use this to help along her way to a better life.

    • admin

      We are very excited to see the goal was reached so quickly also! It has come as a great and very pleasant shock! Thank you for you donation and for taking the time to comment. Every dollar will ease the pressure on Talia’s family and they are very happy at the moment. There’s a lot of love in the air today!

  • rrpostal

    I caught this on payday so I can throw in a few bucks. Why is medicare/ medicaid not paying for this? Medicare will pay for one standard and one motorized wheelchair per five year period. Specific or unique modifications for wheelchairs are very common and also covered. Medicare does not pay 100%, but the remainder could be picked up by state medicaid if the family has sufficiently limited resources. I know the US healthcare system is crummy, but it still exists. I work for medicare. We pay for these things weekly for hundreds of thousands of Americans. I’m happy to share a little money to someone when I have it also. But this is what the system is for. Please call 800-633-4227 whenever you can 24hrs/ day. Hope it works out one way or another.

    • Gregg Savage

      Hi rrpostal! Thank you very much for your donation. It is an extremely kind gesture. However, I am sorry for the confusion but this cause is based in Australia. I didn’t think to mention it in the original post because we weren’t expecting such a large American audience for this cause. Hope there are no hard feelings….

  • BethanyAnne

    Thanks for putting this up. :)

    • Gregg Savage

      No problem! Thank you for stopping by!

  • Crouchy

    Congrats on reaching the target so quickly guys, awesome effort. If you are able to, it would be great to see a photo of Talia in her chair so we can see the end result of this amazing effort. :)

    • jakefw

      Hey Glen,

      She’s out of town next week having surgery, so when she gets back, Gregg’ll organise to hand over the donations and do some photos as well, hopefully.



  • http://nil Pascal Chileshe Chikaka

    My is pascal Chikaka from Zambia, Africa. I have child a boy aged 6 years and he has C.P cerebral pulse he does not sit on his own he needs a wheel chair and standing frame if there is any one who can donate will be appreciated thakyou