IFS 89 – The Vatican wants a Pope voodoo doll?

The Vatican needs a voodoo doll of the pope? 7 reasons why Catholics are leaving the church en masse; Transgender Miss Universe contestant disqualified; and heaps of other stuff! Enjoy.

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    I like the idea of mandatory voting. I’d like to see it instituted in the US. A good plan would be a national holiday for the day of the vote, mandatory voting, a choice of “none of the above”, and a new election if 1/3 of votes are for “none of the above”. What do you think?

    The other comment I have on the show is about the transwoman competing in the Ms. Universe pageant. I, personally, find beauty pageants to be degrading and insulting. If women like being in a meat market, one can only hope they will see the light one day. Many beauty pageants in the US have scholarships for prizes. In this instance, I can understand banning transwomen. Since transwomen have spent a significant part of their lives as males, they have not grown up facing the same circumstances and prejudices. You have pointed out how stupid you think the contestants are. Having someone who had all the privileges of a male during childhood makes a difference in how much education is encouraged.

    Girls are still discouraged from going into science and math where boys are encouraged and praised for this. Studies still show that boys are called on and receive more attention from teachers, even when the teachers are women. The behavior patterns of devaluing girls and women are very deep and strong in both sexes.

    That being said, The pageant chose their rules, perhaps to celebrate natural beauty? Maybe so that the other contestants feel safe? Maybe the women in the pageant don’t want to rely on a transwoman to take her daily hormone pill to keep agressive tendencies in check? Maybe they should apply the same standards used international sports. If you are XX you’re a woman, anything else isn’t. If the pageant were only for beautiful people, it wouldn’t be a women’s beauty pageant. Maybe beauty pageants should be coed as long as women have the refuge of women only changing areas.

    The important point is that there is a difference between born women and transwomen. There is a quite a fight going on over women only space. Someone who has been male and becomes a transwoman has not grown up with the same life experiences as a born woman. They haven’t had the same prejudices holding them back or faced the high rate of rape and violence as born women. It would never occur to a man to exclude transmen from a locker room because they have no physical fear of women. Women fear men and rightly so. Also girls aren’t encouraged to have the sense of entitlement that boys are. In the case of the pageant contestant, 14 years old is more than enough time to incorporate a sense of entitlement into their personality.

    I know boys and men are subject to sexual assault and violence too, but girls and women have much higher rates of victimization (both, incidentally, are usually attacked by men). Girl victimization just isn’t important to society. The only reason there’s such a big deal about the pedophile priests is that the victims are boys. I would not be surprised if there are just as many girl victims but no one believed them. I bet no one even keeps statistics on it. There are a lot of women not receiving child support because the catholic church is hiding the priest parents.

    The girl victims of pedophile priests might make a good episode. Or an episode on the lack of child support for women who have children with priests.

    Just another perception of the world.

    Like your shows a lot.
    PS: I just tried to look up men only spaces. Did you know some asshole mayor in Germany has designated difficult parking spaces as “men only”? LOL. The only dents I’ve ever had on my cars are from when I let a man drive them. Something I no longer do.

    • http://imaginaryfriendsshow.com jakefw

      Men only parking spaces? That is a riot.