IFS 87 – Conversations with young earth creationists!

Nathan Evans, an Australian young earth creationist, joins Jake to divulge the evidence that supports creationism.

Listen here:

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Peace and love.


Jake is the author of ‘Letters to Christian Leaders; Hollow be thy claims’, the book which takes the specific claims that the most prominent Christian Leaders make and directly refutes them using the latest research and evidence, reason, logic, and a dash of snarky humour. Get it here for your sexy kindleOr if you prefer the authenticity of a book (and are too cheap for a kindle) get the hardcopy here.

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  • http://YOURURL Peter Keenan

    Guys re young earth oil. It doesn’t take a milliumn to make complex hydro carbons, i.e. oil. Research now shows we can now manufacture drop in fuels directly from algae.
    Bear in mind that most bioproducts have been singular cellular creatures that made ancient oils. – fossil fuel.

    Deposits over time exposed to pressure and time will undoubtedly be subjected to changes, but essentially, oils is oils!

    Nathan, good attempt at arguing the early earth model but it is subject to conformational bias which were most of your arguments. I’m not convinced. Your world flood description is completely without foundation and no regular peer reviewed documents support your claim.

    I’m hoping magic is going to be taught in science classes soon. it’s just as plausible.



  • http://YOURURL Andy Parker

    Hey Jake,

    Just wanted to say this was a really good episode. I thought you conducted the interview well, and I was impressed that you weren’t tripped up by the sort of curve-ball questions that pseudoscience advocates sometimes try to throw at you, and that you managed to keep your cool in the face of someone arguing that your entire area of expertise is wrong.

    Part of my background is in archaeology, so I was quite annoyed when Nathan started talking about Egyptian dates, despite the Predynastic Period beginning before the alleged creation of the universe. Although as with all things Egyptian, that can probably be explained away by aliens.

    Keep doing what you do,
    Andy P

  • http://YOURURL Ratnard

    WoW, that was some interview. First of all I would like to congratulate you for making through the interview without walking out or something worse.

    I found the interview informative, but I could not handle it all at once. I had to pause the mp3 to take in what he was saying slowly to prevent my brain from exploding. Then I would start it up again and pause it. It took my about 4.5 hours to listen to the whole thing.

    Physics in my area of expertise so I can think of better ways of answering the radiometric dating questions. But, I don’t think I could have handled the interview.

    Basically you have one of two scenarios going on.

    1) Bill Hicks – God running around burring dinosaur bones to test people’s faith.

    2) Back when Russia and the US were pointing weapons capable of wiping cities off the map. There was and still is, a conspiracy of scientist hiding the true age of the Earth.

  • http://YOURURL Loso

    Jake your patience needs to be bottled and distributed.
    Keep it up, and I will take three bottles… I will settle for your urine.

  • http://YOURURL Celia Jane

    On episode 86 ( which is not on the website), you seem confused about liquid nitrogen and dry ice. Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. Please check your facts before speaking. You obviously have not learned chemistry by osmosis from being around your dad. That you talked so long on the topic while being completely clueless about your mistake is really annoying.
    I thought this was a podcast covering science.

  • Nathan

    O wow that was painful to listen to, I am thinking about changing my name after listning to that Nathan. Also I wonder if he bothered to listen to the podcast to just hear himself. All he could do was struggle and try to think of something to say. Or when his “model” was being used it was perfect and absolute however when a “model” not like his was used then all of a sudden a “model” is not valid. OK well that my comment now I must go slam a sensitive appendage in a drawer a few times…….