NY Schools to ban teaching of Dinosaurs to avoid upsetting creationists

The New York City Department of Education has been infected with a new, highly deadly, antimoronic-resistant strain of the political correctness bug.


Effective immediately, any term that might offend any religious group has been banned from tests administered to students by the city.


It includes anything pertaining to literally anything prior to when creationists believe the earth was created. That means all teaching on climate modelling, geography, most of physics, most of chemistry, all of biology and human movement, all of cultural and sociology studies – basically all of the subjects that make school fun and interesting – are out.


Also outlawed are any mentions of the term ‘birthday’ (Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe in them), voting (also a no-no for J-Dubs), dancing and Halloween (due to their supposedly ‘Pagan origin’), also class identifying terms like ‘poverty’ or ‘wealth’, and ‘scary’ subjects like terrorism, disease or divorce.


While not explicitly stated on any of the source articles, I’d assume they’re also removing several colours from the spectrum of visible light, to avoid offending anyone with colour-blindness. They should also ban books, because this might offend anyone with a learning disability.


All students should also have plastic and orthopaedic surgery so that everyone is of a single homogenous phenotype. Thus no one will be taller or shorter than anyone else, all will have the same bone structure and skin, eye and hair colour, no one girl will be more perky than anyone else and to ensure that there is no bullying disparity, all students should be punched in the face at the beginning of school – this should also help making students complicit enough in learning the anachronism of creation.


In New York City, political correctness has apparently ceased being about preventing the marginalised from being intentionally targeted, and become a way to ensure that these children are completely unprepared for tertiary study. This is an attempt at homogeny and mediocrity.


“But it’s only in tests!”


Indeed, it is only in tests, but examinations are structured to test your attentiveness throughout the semester. If you fail the exam, it is due to a lack of understanding of the curriculum; thus you are tested on what you are taught and taught what you are tested on.


So writing this off as a benign act to prevent people from ‘freaking-out’ during testing is inappropriate. If you deny evolution and you’re in a biology class, you’ll fail; to pass on the basis that certain questions are withheld, is like drinking water, but telling everyone it’s vodka and acting drunk. If you don’t want to be taught things that contravene or contradict YOUR reality, be home schooled.


Here are a couple of ImaginaryFriendsShow.com preferred headlines for you:


NY Schools to ban teaching of dinosaurs to avoid upsetting creationists; all animals displaying 10k years of domestication to be culled immediately.


NY Schools to ban teaching of dinosaurs to avoid upsetting creationists; assassination of students with IQ above 80 to follow.


NY Schools to ban teaching of dinosaurs to avoid upsetting creationists; schools to also remove all ‘sharp things’ from cafeterias.


NY Schools to ban teaching of dinosaurs to avoid upsetting creationists; all Hindu’s to be reprimanded for ‘cosmic egg’ belief.


NY Schools to ban teaching of dinosaurs to avoid upsetting creationists; Buddha statues and texts to be destroyed for reincarnation belief.


NY Schools to ban teaching of dinosaurs to avoid upsetting creationists; Ray Comfort to be made king.


NY Schools to ban teaching of dinosaurs to avoid upsetting creationists; Geography classes to be changed to ‘Flat Earth’ class.


NY Schools to ban teaching of dinosaurs to avoid upsetting creationists; unicorns to be officially recognised as real animal.



IFS Bonus – Carl Katter and Australian Marriage Equality

Carl Katter, board member of http://www.australianmarriageequality.com/ brother of infamous Aussie akubra wearing politician, Bob Katter, joins us to talk politics, equality, same sex marriage, teen suicide, homophobia and bigotry.

Watch here:

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Peace and love.


Jake is the author of ‘Letters to Christian Leaders; Hollow be thy claims’, the book which takes the specific claims that the most prominent Christian Leaders make and directly refutes them using the latest research and evidence, reason, logic, and a dash of snarky humour. Get it here for your sexy kindleOr if you prefer the authenticity of a book (and are too cheap for a kindle) get the hardcopy here.

Rockets are boring, StarTram is AWESOME!


At a cost of around $10,000 for every kilogram launched into space, the cost of sending satellites into low earth orbit is becoming prohibitively expensive. Part of this reason is the vast majority of the weight required to put a chunk of technology into space is made up with the fuel used to propel it up there.


So, what if, instead of placing a small cabin on top of a massive engine and fuel cylinders, you catapult the payload using magnets?


The developers of a new maglev technology, Startram, are able to send a payload into low earth orbit for around $50 per kilo and reduce the cost of sending a person to the International Space Station from $20 million to around $5,000.


When built onto the side of a tall mountain, Startram could propel a payload into space at 9 km/sec using a vented vacuum tube to eliminate sonic booms produced from traveling at such velocity.


The project under consideration is separated into two stages, Generation 1 and Generation 2. Gen 1 is intended for cargo usage and would cost around $20 billion and ten years to build once a suitable mountain side was found to build on.


Gen 2, intended for passenger use, would cost around $60 billion and take 20 years for production. This production would require some sort of scaffolding, as the incline and acceleration speeds would need to be lower than the cargo, so as not to liquefy your internal organs.


The developers list many reasons why a Startram should be funded: defending the Earth against large asteroids, harvesting solar energy, mining raw materials from asteroids and comets, building space-based industries, and space colonization.


With such extensive cutbacks to NASA missions and technology, investment in such technology, which is inherently ‘greener’ than using rocket propulsion, should be considered thoroughly!


How else are Bruce Willis, Steve Buscemi and a couple of nukes going to save the day?



IFS 87 – Conversations with young earth creationists!

Nathan Evans, an Australian young earth creationist, joins Jake to divulge the evidence that supports creationism.

Listen here:

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Peace and love.


Jake is the author of ‘Letters to Christian Leaders; Hollow be thy claims’, the book which takes the specific claims that the most prominent Christian Leaders make and directly refutes them using the latest research and evidence, reason, logic, and a dash of snarky humour. Get it here for your sexy kindleOr if you prefer the authenticity of a book (and are too cheap for a kindle) get the hardcopy here.

If your family tree doesn’t have any branches, vote Mitt Romney

As an Australian white collar family of academics, I honestly have no idea why my parents played Jeff Foxworthy stand-up comedy on every single car trip we took during the early 90’s. Nonetheless, when inebriated and in a confined space, my brothers and I can recite, almost word for word, every line of the Jeff Foxworthy, “You Might Be A Redneck” cassette.

Despite my love for his self-deprecating style of humour I mother-flipping hate the fact that Jeff Foxworthy, the man who made car trips with three brothers and a farting beagle bearable, has endorsed Mitt Romney.

Nonetheless, in honour of this love-hate cognitive dissonance relationship I now hold with Foxworthy, I thought I’d reword a few of his best redneck jokes to fit with a Romney endorsement… and I feel justified considering Romney’s voting demographic.

“If your family tree doesn’t have any branches, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If you go to family reunions to pick up women, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If you’ve ever shot a concrete deer, taken it home and marinated it for weeks before declaring it inedible, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If you’ve ever cut your grass and found a car, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If you think, ‘loading the dishwasher’ means ‘getting your wife drunk’, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If you own a home that is mobile and five cars that aren’t, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If you’ve ever raked leaves in your kitchen, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If your mother has ‘ammo’ on her Christmas list, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If you’ve ever been kicked out of the zoo for heckling monkeys, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If your kids take a siphon hose to show and tell, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If you’ve ever financed a tattoo, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If someone asks to see your ID and you show them your belt buckle, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If your front porch collapses and more than five dogs are killed, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If you’ve ever been too drunk to fish, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If your gene pool doesn’t have a deep end, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If you can’t get married to your sweetheart because there’s a law against it, vote Mitt Romney…”

“If you come back from the garbage tip with more stuff than you went with, vote Mitt Romney…”

There are hundreds more, but those are some of my favourites… and fat jokes wouldn’t work in this context. Feel welcome to add your own!

Jake is @JakeFarrWharton on Twitter and the author of ‘Letters to Christian Leaders; Hollow be thy claims’, the book that takes the specific claims made by the most prominent Christian Leaders and directly refutes them using the latest research and evidence, reason, logic, and a dash of snarky humour. Get it here for your sexy kindleOr if you prefer the authenticity of a book (and are too cheap for a kindle) get the hardcopy here.

Neanderthals are an important link in the evolutionary line leading to modern humans

This essay will critically discuss the statement, that Neanderthals are an important link in the evolutionary line leading to modern humans. Specifically, this essay will aim provide evidence suggesting the genetic lineage of Neanderthals lived on, to some extent, through the interbreeding of Homo sapiens and Neanderthals, who shared parts of Europe for around 10,000 years co-existing and possibly interbreeding circa 50,000 years ago. Firstly, this essay will provide some context around Neanderthals and then the emergence of H. Sapiens. Then, in order to determine whether Neanderthals did in fact play any role in the evolutionary line leading to modern humans, we must determine which traits, cultural, genetic or morphological, which can be attributed to an interbreeding scenario. This essay aims to show that while Neanderthals are likely not part of the direct lineage of modern humans, that is, humans living today, some important traits of modern humans can be traced back to interbreeding of some H. sapiens and Neanderthals. The essay will lastly address some of the issues and debates concerning the possibility of whether Neanderthals and H. sapiens did indeed interbreed.

For up to 300,000 years, Neanderthal, one of the best known archaic Homo, Homo neanderthalensis (henceforth written as Neanderthal) thrived throughout Eurasia – Europe, parts of Western Asia, and parts of the Middle East (Mellars, 2011). Using stone tools, and in some cases, fire, as their ancestors from Africa had developed in aeons past, Neanderthals spent much of their time in caves, earning their early moniker as “cave-man”. Such cave dwelling would have, of course, been necessary considering the relative climate that Neanderthals evolved in, especially given that their reign coincided with a long period of glacial maximum (Hofreiter, 2009).

With a brain of between 1300 cc to 1600 cc, which is, in some cases, larger than that of modern humans, a squat torso, short extremities enabling very strong musculature, which also surpasses that of modern humans, Neanderthals adapted to their climate and surroundings perfectly. Their specialised physiology, altogether, may have also enabled them to survive at a lower temperature than that of modern H. sapiens providing a sincere advantage in such frigid climates (Balter, 2004).

The caves that Neanderthals lived in had the remarkable quality of preserving both their remains and the remains documenting their diet and changes within their morphology and culture. There is evidence that Neanderthals subsisted on a range of flora and fauna, with remnants of bones from gazelle, fish and seeds being found in some caves (Hardy, 2011).

Approaching 50,000 years ago, however, the specialised morphology of Neanderthals, began to work against then when the climate that it evolved in began to change and it faced a fierce new competition. Anatomically modern humans began penetrating Europe in numbers approaching ten times that of the population of Neanderthals. This influx of anatomically modern humans would have put significant pressure on the groups of Neanderthals, forcing them to compete for food, location and resources for the first time (Mellars, 2011). Whether or not the population of H. sapiens possessed more highly evolved mental capacities is not known, however the emergence of items of cultural significance, such as art and imported crafted ivory, and vastly more sophisticated tools, suggests that H. Sapiens was more culturally sophisticated than Neanderthals (Brose, 1971).

Rather interestingly, the diet of Neanderthals was not all that different to that of H. Sapiens and as the incursion into Neanderthal occupied territory continued, the cultural trait of H. sapiens travelling vast distances to hunt, ensured their survival (Roebroeks, 2001). Slowly, but surely, the vastly greater numbers of H. sapiens pushed Neandertals into harsher and less fertile environments, where they eventually went extinct around 30,000 years ago. Their slow decline is documented in the stratigraphic record, with the youngest specimens showing some evidence of malnutrition (Baskerville, 1989).

It is important to recognise that H. sapiens and Neanderthals were, in many ways, very similar. Culturally, both species recognised the significance of death, routinely and ritually acknowledging one’s passing, sometimes with tools and other artefacts apparently significant to the dead (Sommer, 1999). Most notably, while their phenotype provided a sincere morphological difference, the genetic distinction was not so great that they could not mate and produce viable, fertile offspring. This offspring, as has been found in recent comparative analysis of the nuclear DNA of Neandertals and modern humans, explains the origin of several traits (Green, 2010).

The first trait attributed to Neanderthals the gene microcephalin which regulates brain size during development, allowing for more thorough brain development, had been absent in the modern human genome for around 1.1 million years. Such an advantageous trait, which has been attributed to increased intelligence, arose in modern humans around 37,000 years ago and through positive selection, propagated throughout the human population (Evans, 2006). This gene is now present in close to 70% of the world’s population today and propagated with such speed that neutral genetic drift is discordant (Evans, 2005).

Perhaps the most compelling evidence for traits derived through interbreeding has been evidenced through research into the nuclear DNA of Neanderthals. The HLA (human leucocyte antigen) class 1 of genes play a vital role in developing resistance to viruses that attempt to proliferate the immune system. The specific set of antigens present only in modern humans with European and Asian lineage suggest that Neanderthals and other archaic Homos, who had developed their immunity in that environment for hundreds of thousands of years, had indeed interbred with anatomically modern humans (Gibbons, 2011).

Research into the genomic similarities between Neanderthals and modern humans has also confirmed that several populations around the world share a percentage of their genome with Neanderthals. Using both mitochondrial and nuclear DNA recovered from Neanderthals, researchers have been able to attribute between 2-6% of the human genome in modern humans that trace their lineage back to Eurasia. Researchers took samples from five groups of modern humans, French, Han-Chinese and Papuan from Eurasia and Yoruba and San groups in Africa and confirmed the presence of shared alleles between Neanderthals and the Eurasian groups and their absence in the African groups. This suggests genetic drift attributed to interbreeding of with Neanderthals (Green, 2006).

While the presence of Neanderthal genetic material in the modern human genome does indeed verify the theory of interbreeding, the low prevalence and percentage of shared genome, however, does raise the argument of such pairing being fairly uncommon. Recent simulated modelling into the spread of modern humans leaving Africa and their encounters with Neanderthals across Eurasia appears to validate the theory that sex between the two species may have been heavily discouraged or taboo. It may also have been quite the opposite and interbreeding may have been rampant, but the hybrid offspring may have either had some genetic disadvantage preventing it from reaching reproductive age, or offspring may have simply been infertile. The simulations concluded that it would have taken between only 197 and 430 successful ‘rendezvous’ to reach the current estimation of 2-3% of the human genome attributed to Neanderthals (Currat, 2011). Extrapolated, considering that humans and Neanderthals lived and competed for the same resources in the same areas for around 10,000 years, one human would only have to have mated with a Neanderthal, on average, every 23 to 50 years.

Is it so strange that these two morphologically different hominins interbred? The literature supporting or rejecting the case for H. sapiens and Neanderthals reproducing is mixed, though most do support some level of interbreeding. The reason for the lack of a firm position is for several reasons which we will discuss. Firstly, both species share a common ancestor, which, using cranial, mandibular and facial morphology, to determine common traits, might have been H. antecessor (Bermudez de Castro, 1997). Thus it is likely that the common ancestor of modern humans and Neanderthals diverged circa 706,000 to 650,000 years (Weaver, 2008).

As the two species of hominin shared a common ancestor, some of the traits common to both species could have a common origin. The obvious refutation to this, however, is the fact that alleles common to Neanderthals and people of Eurasian descent aren’t found in continuous African populations (Green, 2006). More specifically alleles related immunity, such as the aforementioned HLA series, come from and immune system subject to hundreds of thousands of years evolving to the conditions found in Eurasia during the Pleistocene (Potts, 1996).

Another theory that seems to hold some validity is the possibility that Neanderthal and H. sapiens populations did not interbreed, but were instead subjected to the same selective pressures. What this theory purports is that modern humans, upon arriving in Eurasia, were subject to the same ecological and pathological pressures that Neanderthal had lived and evolved in for some 300,000 years. In this scenario, modern humans superior numbers and ability to adapt to harsh environments through cultural means, rather than to lean on natural selection, may have been able to overcome a potentially high attrition rate expected from such a significant change in environment as that of leaving temperate Africa for frigid Eurasia (Piazza, 1981). As part of this, useful genetic mutations and traits would have been positively selected for, quickly spreading throughout the population (Kelley, 2008).

In conclusion, there appears to be enough evidence to suggest that modern humans and Neanderthals did indeed interbreed during their some 10,000 years spent cohabiting in Eurasia. With that said, the amount to which this interbreeding propagated any sort of important evolutionary traits appears to be either limited or indeterminate. The alleles linked to microcephalin and HLA’s certainly seem to provide some level of genetic differentiation between descendants of Eurasians who may have had contact with Neanderthals and those continuous cultures of Africa. However, again, the amount to which these alleles present of genetic advantage to those with those genetic traits appears to be either limited or indeterminate. As such, it doesn’t seem that Neanderthals were an important link in the evolutionary line leading to humans.


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Sorry, Mormons, I just spent the last hour and a half posthumously baptising Joseph Smith into Satanism

Well, technically, Joseph Smith was always a Satanist. I mean, seriously, few people embody the central tenant of Satanism, hedonism, more than the dude who created a religion to get laid.

Nonetheless, after finding myself enraged by the Mormon stupidity of ‘baptism of the dead’. Effectively, the Mormons go to the graves of famous people, holocaust victims, Nazis, anyone, throw some water on the soil and declare that that person is now baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons).

Anne Frank, the poor little Jewish girl whose diary (The Diary of Anne Frank), who died Jewish, has been posthumously baptised.

Simon Wiesenthal, holocaust survivor and Nazi hunter, has been posthumously baptised.

Hitler and Stalin have been posthumously baptised.

Worse still, the fact that your dead family and relatives weren’t famous will not save your dead loved ones the stupidity of being baptised with this blindingly stupid ritual.

Roving gangs of young Mormon children will travel into cemeteries every weekend, their super-soakers filled to the hilt with baptismal-grade water.

Using bolt-cutters to bust open cemetery gates, they’ll risk life and limb to baptise the shit out of you, and everyone you’ve ever cared for.

They’ll do this so that you can spend the afterlife with their Lord and Saviour, American-Jesus; who appeared in America after his death in Jerusalem, to lead a tribe of Israel (who somehow travelled from Israel to America).

As a baptised member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, you’ll get your own planet, orbiting a nearby star called Koloft (not Zoloft)… which is where Jesus, God, Abraham, Adam, Noah and the Council of Ellohim currently reside.

Enough fun.

Baptising dead people into a religion that they did not belong to during their life is a violent act.

I don’t say that lightly.

I have no misconceptions about life or death. When you are dead, your consciousness dies with it. The neural flux in which your personality resided, proliferates from the cells that kept it, along with every cell in your body.

At the point where you die the only thing that ‘you’ have left is the impression that you leave on other people. Their memories of you, the advice you gave and the mannerisms they adopted from ‘you.’

I take memories very seriously; they’re what we leave behind when we die, in the memories of others.

My Grandparent, both of whom I loved intensely, both of whom spent much of their latter years raising a mischievous and inquisitive young Jake Farr-Wharton, we’re both very much against organised religion.

Are they now Mormon, thanks to some piece of trash in a Mormon temple who directed their flock to posthumously baptise them?

You may well have been a good person, you could have been a complete dick, but if the crackpot dick-faced assholes who sent an impressionable Mormon zealot to your grave to baptise you, it most certainly means that you weren’t Mormon.

So, why should this matter to an atheist, who shouldn’t care about what is done to his body after death, because he’s dead?

Quite simply, I don’t want my memory, my name or my gravestone to be used to further the cause of a stupid ritual within a ridiculous religion.

Mormonism is Scientology for people who don’t like Scientology.

Seriously, Scientology asserts that that the Galactic Emperor Xenu dropped aliens into Earth’s volcanos, and then dropped a H-Bomb into the volcano for good measure.

Mormonism asserts that, despite not being a long-distance sea faring people, a tribe of Israelites hopped on a boat and set sail for America… despite there being absolutely no supporting evidence. Also, God lives on a planet in a nearby solar system, with his multiple wives.

Enough digression, say that the lingering impressions, the memories that you leave behind with the people you influenced during your lives, is that you were a good, wholesome person who was devoted to the religion you found in your twenties. Then late one night, in a cemetery… Bam, you’re Mormon.

Say that you fought hard in your later years, as an outspoken atheist, to reduce the influence religious institutions hold over governmental bodies. Bam, you’re Mormon.

While you didn’t particularly believe in the dogma, you used your sway as a Catholic priest to open state-of-the-art orphanages and soup kitchens and shelters for homeless people. Bam, you’re Mormon.

Sure, the idea that they would baptise a dead atheist, or Catholic, or Muslim or Jew or Buddhist or Zoroastrian or Communist, just shows how little they knew about the person that used to reside in that body. Sure it is a most poignant example of just how painfully ridiculous the Mormon faith is.

It also demonstrates just how little respect they have for the memories that those dead people left with their family and friends.

The reason I relate this to an act of violence and violation, is that it uses the dead to further the Mormon cause.

Is akin to a USA presidential candidate registering the recently deceased to vote, then using that persona to vote.

If you’re a Mormon, you’re welcome to that belief, seriously. But I, rather vehemently, suggest that you reconsider posthumous baptisms. You’re sullying the memory of a dead human being that didn’t want to be Mormon, proof of this is the fact that they didn’t die Mormon.

Atheism and Depression – Causation? Correlation?

Join Jake, Jerry DeWitt, from RecoveringFromReligion.org, and Pete Darwin for a ScienceGasm episode looking at the corollaries between atheism and depression, and what we can learn from religion. Atheist existentialism: http://goo.gl/SaKkE. Vote for us: http://bit.ly/Ajrl3r.

Listen here:

Download mp3 here.

Peace and love.


Jake is the author of ‘Letters to Christian Leaders; Hollow be thy claims’, the book which takes the specific claims that the most prominent Christian Leaders make and directly refutes them using the latest research and evidence, reason, logic, and a dash of snarky humour. Get it here for your sexy kindleOr if you prefer the authenticity of a book (and are too cheap for a kindle) get the hardcopy here.


Sciencegasm – Space, it’s big and stuff!

Planets, they’re way the hell out there… but so are we. We talk exoplanets, CBMR, microwaves and manufacured meat.

Listen here:

Download mp3 here.

Peace and love.


Jake is the author of ‘Letters to Christian Leaders; Hollow be thy claims’, the book which takes the specific claims that the most prominent Christian Leaders make and directly refutes them using the latest research and evidence, reason, logic, and a dash of snarky humour. Get it here for your sexy kindleOr if you prefer the authenticity of a book (and are too cheap for a kindle) get the hardcopy here.