Imaginary Friends Show vs Westboro Baptist Church

Dear Fag Enablers,

Here is the long awaited interview with Ben Phelps, grandson of Pastor Fred Phelps, the homophobic, anti-Semitic, bigot from the Westboro Baptist “God Hates Fags” church from Topeka, Kansas.

After this interview, I feel sorry for the guy. He’s clearly intelligent and were it not for his indoctrination into such a horribly bigoted cult, he’d be a guy I’d have a beer with… then, you know, like… whatever.

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Go masticate in public!


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  • http://YOURURL Kim

    Truly frightening. And pathetic. What a sick, twisted bunch of people – they obviously think about sodomy (etc) ALL THE TIME. How ironic.
    And since it’s “not my business whether people convert or not” – WHY ALL THE PREACHING? If it’s not their business, why do they act like it is? It’s pure sado-masochism – they like to hurt people (sadism) by preaching such horrible rubbish AND they like people to hate them in return (masochism), because apparently God loves suffering! (or, in their view, God hates people who aren’t suffering correctly) Kinky, kinky little devils. I really don’t remember the bit in the Bible that says ONLY suffering is sufficient to get into heaven. I seem to remember good deeds and shit like that, but what would I know – my brain is unwashed and stinks of a broad education and the occasional thought.
    Of course, I do agree with him when he says George Dubya Bush is possessed by a demon, the Iraq war is ill-advised and the wars are causing the US economy to crumble, but any half-wit knows that. (apart from a great chunk of the American population who can only aspire to have as many brains as a half-wit).
    And if people can ONLY find God “when God opens their eyes”, what happens if God DOESN’T choose to open someone’s eyes? Is it still their fault?
    And if God hates gays so much, WHY DOES HE KEEP MAKING THEM? If gayness is a “choice”, why have people been making that “choice” for EVER, considering the punishment, isolation, torture and DEATH that such a “choice” has been bringing for untold centuries? WHY WOULD PEOPLE BOTHER IF IT WERE VOLUNTARY?
    Idiots like Westboro will destroy America is America doesn’t grow some balls and fight them as hard as they fight those damn Muzzies overseas. Westboro and the other cults are supported by the US because they US refuse to do anything about them, just like the US founded and funded groups like the Taliban.
    TAKE A HARD LOOK AT YOURSELF, AMERICA! You think Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan are the only sorts of places that develop and protect dangerous religious extremists? Or is it a case of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”? You know – if you can’t beat the extremists you have to grow some of your own? Enemies often look identical, and guess what?… HAHAHAHAHA. BYE BYE, America! Don’t let the door hit your big, fat, ignorant, LOUD arses! (That’s arses, NOT asses!)

    • http://YOURURL Michelle

      LIKE! Oh, I’m not on Facebook…
      Great comment, KIM!

  • http://YOURURL Mininster Michael Kappele

    Sad……so delousional, clearly no respect for other faiths and so homophobic,,sad,,,defently they need mental help, such a nice cult,,,

    Also am a Heathen Minister, of a Faith that tech older than his so-called christian god….my gods are still here, will his be in a hundred yrs?

    And born into sin is crap and bullshit, man is both capale of good and evil, they have free will to do either, saddly these people do evil…in the name of there god.

  • http://YOURURL Jamie

    I am glad that this interview was made because any interview with this church in it always has people shouting others down, this has a person actually answering questions.

  • http://YOURURL John

    This guy is very sick. He should be locked up in mental institution.


    First of all, Jake, I think you did a wonderful ‘fair and balanced’ job of interviewing this ‘kumquat!’ I was prepared for a knockdown drag out battle since you hold such a strong belief and have such a strong hold on facts and supporting details. Therefore, I really appreciated the fact that you did not verbally attack him in anyway, and you managed to draw him totally out. I compliment you that you did NOT question him only from the perspective of your current personal belief, but included your previous ‘Christian’ existence – it all served this interview so well – and it was not diminished by your impressive general knowledge of the topic. I suppose this was a case of you allowing him to be hoisted with his own petard. For there not being that much distance covered in the Bible on sodomy, this gentleman and his church seem to squeeze every last inch worm to death! If the word ‘love’ exists in their Bible you couldn’t tell by what Ben Phelps had to say!
    I loved your comment, “After this interview, I felt sorry for the guy. He’s clearly intelligent and were it not for his indoctrination into such a horribly bigoted cult, he’s be a guy I’d have a beer with… then, you know, like…. whatever.” I remind you Jake of that old joke about “Never try to teach a pig to sing!” Thanks for a great job!

  • http://YOURURL Ralph Zielke

    Wow! The best podcast interview of an evangelical bigot that I have ever heard. I applaud you for your calm and balanced approach. Keep up the good work. Just working my way through your back catalogue.