The Day I Stopped Believing

I was previously a fundamentalist Christian. I had been raised as such and honestly thought that all people believed in god in the same way that I did. I was so wrong, but that is what I’d been taught.

In high school, two of my friends ‘came out’ as gay. These were two people that I’d known all my life, who had gone to the same Christian schools as me, who had been through much the same as me, but who were despised by god and then shunned by our community (of several thousand) church.

One new years eve (as I remarked in my status earlier today), the priest went on a tirade, lambasting homosexuals for the decline of morality in society. So I spoke out.

How dare a priest presume to know that a perfectly normal men, who had volunteered for the homeless with me, who had run long distances (literally) and fasted for charity with me, who was so loving and caring and was a model human being, would be hated by god.

When I was kicked (almost literally) from church, I started to think; all of these things that god hates in us, are completely natural elements of humanity. Has the church just capitalised on our apparent need for being absolved for the completely natural things that we are?

How could a god, something that knows ALL, despise it’s creation for enjoying the life that it was provided with?

It was at that point that I entered university and began learning about the universe; began dissecting the universe. If every process which takes place today is natural, if it requires absolutely no intervention from external sources, then where does god reside?

Given the presence of gravity, the ‘creation’ of our universe would have happened naturally, and required no creator.

Consider that many of the things condoned by god in the bible (and indeed the Koran and Talmud) are things we consider to be abhorrent by today’s standards. If these are works of literature divined by a god, then why do they only apply to ancient humanity, and not to modern day humanity? We no longer condone rape/slavery/forced or arranged marriage/torture/genocide/dictatorships etc. so why are they condoned by god, so often, in the bible?

I can’t answer these questions for you, nor would I want to. If you decide to answer them, I’ll be there to help, if not, please continue to question.

There is no evidence to support the belief in any deity which has ever been claimed to exist by humanity, ever. No religion has been legitimised, despite their assumed supremacy. Why? Because they lack a critical thing; evidence.

Worse still, most, if not all of their claims, act in direct spite of contrary evidence!

Why do you believe?