Imaginary Friends Show – Episode 8

Imaginary Friends Show – Episode 8

Dear Dipole Electrons,

Episode 8 of The Podcast is now fricking live and downloadable.

The complete antithesis to anything on WikiLeaks.

And, exactly unlike WikiLeaks, it will no doubt cause little to no controversy!

What can we offer? How about commentary on the latest religious news from Australia and around the globe (why not just say, ‘around the globe’? I hear you ask…)

Gina enlightens us on the Mormons, Keith enlightens us on the most ridiculous of all that is religious, Jesus enlightens YOU with his hard-hitting advice, and Psychic Robert manages to de-enlighten you with his completely unimpressive psychic abilities.

Sounds better than a vuvuzela! Surely? Enjoy the show!

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Lastly, we’ve been quite busy in the last few weeks so we’ve neglected the Bonus Show editions. Rest assured, we’ll get back to recording them soon.

Remember to let us know what you think of the show, your show, it’s how we learn.

Until next time; God Speed!

Jake Farr-Wharton
Chief Executive Awesomeness Officer
The Imaginary Friends Show Podcast 

Why vote secular?

Many questions come to mind when looking at the current face of the ‘New Atheist’ movement. Why are you attacking religion? What could you possibly have to gain? So you object to religion, don’t practice it, but what right do you have to question other people’s beliefs?

We (I, but I’m sure those of you in other Western countries can relate) live in a country where the Liberal party announces what they refer to as ‘significant spending cuts’ of $1.2 billion dollars (made on Tuesday, 20th of July) if elected (Federal Election to be held 21/7/10). But is it significant? Really?

$30 billion dollars, i.e. 25 times what the Liberal party consider ‘significant’, is attributed to the non-taxation of religious organisations (

While the Liberals were in power, Tony Abbot, then Health Minister imposed rolling embargos on embryonic Stem Cell research. Why?

Around 70,000 IVF cases in Australia each year produce around 70,000 extra embryos (i.e. in surplus to what is used to implant in the woman’s uterus – several embryos are ‘created’ to ensure that at least 1 is successful) which can be used for stem cell research. While it is most certainly true that stem cells can be harvested from elsewhere, embryonic stem cells reman the most cost effective method for performing such research (i.e. makes it significantly more viable when less costly).

  • Euthanasia is still largely illegal and abortion has not yet been universally decriminalised.
  • Largely untrained church chaplains are in many state schools around the country. They are not counsellors, but are fully federally funded.
  • Every state school around the country has a funded special religious education (Christian teachings) once a week. This is not bible reading but Christian indoctrination and has no basis in reality. This time could be better spent in maths, science, English, geography, sport, social studies.
  • Further to this, the marriage laws still prevent a recognised union (and therefore completely equal rights) between same sex couples.
  • Women still fight for completely equal status, rights and privilege, and while this is largely a historical attribute, it is one which has always been supported by biblical (New Testament) and Koranic misogyny.
  • Furthermore, we still have ‘alternative health’ services such as homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractor and kinesiology which private health funds provide rebates for, and charlatans like psychics and ‘reiki healers’. Why? Because they are recognised as ‘professionals’ despite not having any reality based qualifications.

Can atheists do anything to alleviate these issues? [Insert expletive] YES!

The attacks on religion and religious, on spiritualists and non-evidence based medicine are necessary because when it comes to legislation, the policy is in the numbers.

While we vote for the parties who best represent our views (sometimes, though we’ll often just vote out the party that the media tells us to hate), their justification for creating policy and legislation, for drafting funding models, business cases and plans is based on what the populations put in the census.

Charities get a similar tax exemption, they need it in order to function on no/low overheads. Churches, however, provide no service to the community, no benefit to the people beyond providing a place to congregate, they  only delusion. Churches buying up vast areas of prime property and then crying when their portfolio drops by AU$200m as the NSW Anglicans did last year, do they deserve to pay no land tax? Churches like the Catholic churches across Australia who have liquidated much of their prime properties and have not paid a cent in capital gains tax, are you ok with that?

What about the churches that make hundreds of millions in selling their documentaries and pay no GST? It seems to work for hillsong, sh*t they’ve got padded leather chairs so that their morons can speak in tongues in comfort.

I don’t have a problem with Jesus, I have a problem with a supposedly secular government not forcing churches to document their revenue as they do with every other business in this country. Without accountability, they can piss wherever they like. And they have. Scientology is a perfect example.

Charities are organisations that we, if so inclined, can all get behind. This year I’ve run, rode and swam over 300km collectively in the name of charity, secular charity.

We remain a country which supports religion because those agnostic fence sitters and Christmas Day Christians decide to be religious for one day every four years… on census night!

The more that we atheists play with this tattered piece of string that religions have attached to the population, the greater ability we have to actually effect and thus legislation towards secular causes. This is far more powerful than remaining a minority which, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t [insert expletive] exist!

While I am a member of the Secular Party of Australia, your decisions are yours. Don’t let me sway your vote, but we, in Australia, have an election right around the corner and need to be informed. The Secular Party of Australia will have House of Representatives candidates and Senate candidates in the ring for the next election. Stay informed –

Imaginary Friends Show Episode 7.

Imaginary Friends Show – Episode 7

Dear Particle Physics Lovers,

The Vatican has called to let us know that the 7th Imaginary Friends podcast episode is alive.

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This week we discuss:

Super News Items:
– Pope ass-face is all pissy over police investigating sex abuse in Belgium.
– Italy fights to keep the crucifix in their classrooms.
– Nebraska Law forces women to have a mental health screen prior to being allowed access to pregnancy termination services.
– Despite being an atheist, Julia Gillard (Australian Prime Minister) is against same sex marriage.
– Icelandic Prime Minister Johanna Holy-Moly legalised same sex marriage and was married to her same sex partner the very next day.

– Kate Smith visits a new type of completely alternate health care style hospital.

– Deus Ex Machina with Gregg: Movies ruined by god(s).

– Imaginary Friends Show, Imaginary Award, for Imaginary Intelligence goes to Robert Paterson (that vampire guy from that tween movie).

– Sipping Martinis With Jesus.

– Horoscopes with Psychic Robert (Psychic Bob’s cousin).

Best show so far… but no bonus show this week folks.


Jake Farr-Wharton

Imaginary Friends Show – Episode 6 (And Bonus Show)

Imaginary Friends Show – Episode 6

Imaginary Friends Show – Episode 6 [BONUS]

Dear Anthropomorphising Arthropods,

During a collect call I received from Pope Ratzinger yesterday, he let it slip that IMAGINARY FRIENDS SHOW.COM PODCAST Episode 6 and the bonus show, has been delivered for your aural pleasure!

In this episode, we discuss:
– Saudi man gets imprisoned and whipped 90 times for kissing his girlfriend in a shopping mall (not a euphemism).
– Saudi cleric tells women to breastfeed their colleges…
– Gina smashes scientology!
– 41% of Americans are idiots (because they believe Jesus will come back before 2050
– Islam could have saved Michael Jackson
– Muslim nurses in the UK allowed to not wash their hands to protect their modesty
– American Ninja Gary Fulkner goes after Osama bin Hidin’

Then psychic Bob and Allah drop in to chat.

Also, listen to the end of ‘On the couch with Allah’ for a funny little sound that made us piss our pants… we have no idea where the noise came from, it could be a ghost, it could be Jesus, I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.

Lastly, Gregg and I have a pseudo-intellectual discussion on the pseudo-coup which recently put the first pseudo-redhead into the highest pseudo-level of office in Australia’s pseudo-political system and what it means for the secular and pseudo-secular minorities of this nation… sue dough?

Let us know if you like the new format.

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Peace and love,

Jake Farr-Wharton.

P.s. is referring to Fundamentalist/Extremist Muslims as Muzzies and Creationist/Fundamentalist Christians as Redneck A-holes offensive?

Imaginary Friends Show – Episode 4 (And Bonus Show

Imaginary Friends Show – Episode 4

Imaginary Friends Show – Episode 4 [BONUS]

Dear Lovers of Recently Plundered Pirate-Treasure,

As if it’s not enough to be continually bombarded by Jake’s regular news and current affairs updates on the Imaginary Friends Show – Podcast, we’ve put together a wonderful menagerie of majesty for your aural pleasure.

On this weeks episode of the Imaginary Friends Show Podcast, we’ve invented a word: “Supermegaubertremendamagnifafabuloawesome!” Try saying that 10 times fast!

Plenty of news and reviews to throw at you;
-covering the Vatican’s plan to invite atheists to debate with theologians about the existence of God (unless you’ve sold more than 10 copies of your book…)
-the recent decision to go against the religiously-based wishes of some J-Dub parents in South Australia and save their young son in the here-and-now.
-We have some new candidates for the Imaginary Friends Show Imaginary Award for Imaginary Intelligence… so many to choose from but there can only be one winner!
-And all your favourites – God, Psychic Bob, etc… Enjoy the show!

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Remember, this is your show, the people’s show, so tell us what you want to hear, what you want to see and what sort of merchandise you would like us to buy your love with in the future!


Love to you all,

Jake Farr-Wharton

Imaginary Friends Show – Episode 3 (And Bonus Show)

Episode Three

Imaginary Friends Show – Episode 3 [BONUS]

Dear Ice Cream Enthusiasts;

It has come to my attention that you are awesome. Also, the Imaginary Friends Podcast episode three is ready for your aural delight.

Lots of stuff this fortnight:

– Listener Mail
– Synthia, the Synthetic Organism!
– An interview with Feminist Muslim Activists as they burn their Burkas!
– The Controversy of the Niqab and Burka (with our new Imaginary Friend, Emily Vicendese from the La Trobe University Secular Society in Melbourne, Australia)!
– Draw Muhammad Day!
– Gina smashes the Brethren.
– Conversations with God.
– Your Horoscopes with Psychic Bob!

And make sure you listen to the Blooper reel at the end of the show… oh, and the bonus show where we discuss Female Genital Mutilation.

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We’d also be grateful if you could leave some feedback on the iTunes page… or I’ll fight you… don’t think I won’t.

I love you all… except you God, I still want my red Ferrari.

Jake Farr-Wharton

Imaginary Friends Show – Episode 2 (And Bonus Show

Dear Robots,

The Imaginary Friends Show – podcast episode two is here… no, over there!!!

Jake Farr-Wharton, Gregg Savage and the other Imaginary Friends have created a thirty minutes of aural mindgasm for your pleasure.

This fortnight we covered:
1 – Blasphemy Around The World
2 – The Success of the New South Wales ‘Secular Ethics Classes’ (try saying that 10 times, fast) which seek to provide an alternative to religious education in State School.
3 – The Pope is thinking about considering beginning to start trying to surmise his thoughts about rapes committed by Catholic Priests/
4 – The Eckankar – Some freaky weird religious wakos.
5 – Conversations With God – God answers questions from our atheistic Facebook friends.
6 – The Imaginary Friends Show Imaginary Award For Imaginary Intelligence, with Keith Logan.
7 – Lost In Space – Horoscopes with Psychic Bob.

Listen here:
Or here:
RSS download and subscribe with help from iTunes ( and listen while you work out… yeah, sure.

The 10 minute Bonus Show this fortnight covers “BAN THE BURKA/NIQAB” and a lovely discussion on Australian Politicians and their beliefs.

So, put on some comfy underpants, poor yourself a glass of your favourite alcoholic beverage and enjoy the crap out of it!

Peace out,

Jake Farr-Wharton

Imaginary Friends Show – THE LOST EPISODE!

Imaginary Friends Show – [Lost Episode]

iTunes RSS.

Good day lovers of well developed monobrows!

Somewhere between episode 1 and episode 3, we friking lost an episode… I’m not sure which one it was though.

Nonetheless, because of the delicious wine of South West Queensland, and the intense work we do between drinking the wine of South West Queensland, the hosts of the podcast have been unable record a show. As such, we’ve brought you the show we lost, episode… something!

In this episode we discuss:
– the French plan to ‘ban the Burka’
– Kate Smith speaks to a Muslim lady, Fatwa, and has taken up wearing the iron Burka under the teaching of her Mullah, Ned Al Kallih.
– Pauline Hanson’s xenophobia in refusing to sell her house to Muslims.
– Noah’s Ark apparently found!
– Gina smashes the J-Dubs.
– We converse with God. (Steve, a politician more stupid than an earthworm, asks for his workmate Kevin to be smote… kind of apt considering what occurred in Australian politics today… it must have been some sort of premonition).
– And Psychic Bob is freaking weird.

Anyway, it’s an old-school early episode, we weren’t quite there, but it has a few good moments. If you don’t love it, it’s ok, we’ll get a new super-mega-tremendously-awesome episode (plus a bonus ep) out to you next week!!!!

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Until next week, godspeed!